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Soulmate of Self:
$49 Monthly automatic renewal subscription

·      Automatic monthly subscription: 
Bi-monthly, long distance, woman’s group, theta & reiki healing

·      1st & 15th of EVERY month
@ 8am USA PST
Wherever you are in the world

·      No call to get onto, no online chatroom to tune into. Enjoy your energy work from the comfort of your own home

·      TWICE a month, I’ve got you covered!  I’ll be facilitating your energy work & energy balancing, like clockwork!

·      You can be sleeping, working, driving, meditating, or doing anything at the time of the session.  Your highest self is ALWAYS working on your behalf and will move the energy in the best ways possible for you!


·       NO contracts, cancel anytime, MUST be cancelled 24hours prior to next healing session!

·      You will have access to a private facebook group (optional) where you can ask questions about the sessions, share your revelations & celebrate your successes, enjoy extra live videos from myself throughout the month for more support, & get to know other like-minded women in the group

·      Topics covered: ANYTHING related to our connection with ourselves & our lives: soulmate love, friendships, life purpose, confidence, creativity, power, $$$ sacred wealth & abundance, SELF-LOVE, inner peace, synchronicities, health and balance of lifestyle, grace & ease, balanced chakras, high vibration thought and belief patterns, & infinitely more topics!

·      How does this work? Energy is energy and it moves and flows wherever you are in the world, and wherever it is guided to flow.  The energy begins flowing for you as soon as you sign up!

·      Logistics of sessions:

  • You will receive a reminder email the day before each session.
  • At the start of each session, I will tune into each woman who is in the group, & the potent energy will be directed your way
  • I will continue facilitating the flow of the theta & reiki energy until it is complete. 
  • Following completion, I will send you an email with a video sharing main points we worked with each session along with tips to help you integrate the information.