"My sessions with Janet have really helped me identify and clear the blocks that prevent me from achieving my larger goals. She is powerful, intuitive, and very gentle. I have never felt so inspired to continue my energy-work… Janet makes it easy." --Lara Koljonen, Founder Herbin Acupuncture & Wellness Center


After 20 years of working as a healer,
There is one thing that I know for certain
when you show up and commit to your healing there will always be transformation.
My role and my goal as your healer
is to help you transform your life-
from the inside out.
So, if you are ready to invest in yourself,
I am ready to invest in you!
Any client who chooses to buy 3 sessions,
will get a 4th session free.
I want to make it easy.
You don’t have to pay in advance.
Just pay as you go.
Attend sessions daily, weekly, or monthly & save $200!
(Free session expires within 4 months of 1st session)
My intention is to help you commit to your healing,
and watch you experience the change you desire!
Why? Because YOU are worth it.