What is Reiki, ThetaHealing® and Acutonics® Sound Healing?

REIKI  (pronounced “ray-kee”), also known as life force, prana, and qi, is the practice of adding life force to our physical bodies, emotional/mental bodies, and spiritual/energetic systems. While many people have heard of Reiki by now, its concept and benefits are still not fully understood by many. Although Reiki is different from massage, it is equally as relaxing, soothing, and calming. (learn more)

THETAHEALING® is a gentle yet powerful healing modality in which the practitioner utilizes a theta brain wave state to more deeply access a client’s electromagnetic field. Theta brain wave state is where many spiritual experiences and deep hypnosis take place. From this place, we have access to “all that is.” (learn more)

ACUTONICS® SOUND HEALING is another gentle yet potent healing modality that heals our physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual/energetic bodies. Acutonics® is the practice of using tuning forks (sound healing instruments) and placing them on different meridian points and chakras, and near the receiver’s ears to hear the unique tones of the forks. (learn more)