You are already WHOLE and you are already COMPLETE. 

Words can not express my gratitude to Janet for her gifts and skills. She has enhanced my life in so many ways and helped me to consciously and subconsciously remove my blocks to my success in life. Since working with her I have sky rocketed my results in every area of my life. Deep love and gratitude is all I can express when showing my appreciation for her. I am so happy to have her in my life. She is definitely a gift to this world.
— Randina M. - NLP Master & Entrepreneur, California
My sessions with Janet have really helped me identify and clear the blocks that prevent me from achieving my larger goals. She is powerful, intuitive and very gentle. I have never felt so inspired to continue my energy-work…Janet makes it easy.
— Lara Koljonen, Founder Herbin Acupuncture & Wellness Center
Janet is open, warm, and accommodating. I felt that her sense of calm, playfulness, and passion for the work set the tone for the whole session and immediately put me at ease. She took the time to ask for and really listen to what I wanted to get out of our session, and then worked in a thoughtful, deliberate and compassionate way. My experience was quite profound and unexpectedly moving. I felt held and guided by Janet, and was able to reach an astonishing insight (with Janet’s help) that resonates to this day, years later. Janet brings a sense of grounded sacredness to her work, and it was an amazing experience to work with her. I’m sad she’s left the Bay Area- I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Jennie Powe - Expressive Art Therapist, California
Wellness for the mind and body is something that many people offer. What makes the experience with Janet so incredible is her genuine belief and enthusiasm she has for bringing positive energy to your entire body, each and everyday. I was familiar with Reiki and had experienced it as a young child in Japan, however, the first session with Janet shocked me. Within a fraction of a second, I felt the energy from her hands travel through my body all the way down to my toes. My breathing became deeper and slower, allowing my mind and body to be open and relaxed. I would recommend Janet to anyone who is experiencing any personal crisis, big and small, as she helps you to slow down to help put things into perspective. I would also recommend her to anyone on an ongoing basis, as the entire experience with her is like a special treat to your inner spirit.
— Noriko Abenojar - Founder Children’s SCLC, California
From the initial contact to the moment your time ends with Janet you are the only person in her world. She creates a safe, trusting environment where energies flow boundlessly. What I look forward to most in my time with Janet are the feelings of comfort, confidence and a joy for life that come alive in her presence. If you are looking to heal, grow, or simply experience life to its fullest, I highly recommend spending some time in the presence of Janet Nicksic.
— Courtney Forman - International Teacher, Columbia
Janet has a warm and gentle approach in her healing practice and I have experienced her work both in person as well as on the phone. Most recently I’ve done phone sessions with her and I was surprised at how helpful they were despite the long distance. Her comforting tone and genuine ability to listen came across easily on the phone and I always feel better afterwards. She is especially gifted at helping you to understand the healing work she is doing and recommending ways for you to continue healing on your own when you are in your every day life. She truly is your partner in healing and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their spiritual and emotional wellness, even if you don’t live in San Diego.
— Christine Porter - Early Education Expert, Kentucky
Janet instantly makes you feel at peace when you meet her. I began my experience with Conciously Flow with a Theta phone session since I live in Indiana and her office is in San Diego. Janet thoroughly explained what the process would entail and made me feel completely at ease and the conversation flowed effortlessly. I definitely recommend a phone session as it proved to get the ball rolling for me in the direction I needed to be going. Not too long after my phone session, I was lucky enough to visit Janet in person for my first Reiki session. When I entered her office, I could feel the peace and love before our session even began. The room is decorated with such warmth and has the perfect lighting to make you relax from the start. The session itself was amazing. Janet took the time to talk to me after the session about what she could feel might be a barrier for me so I could recognize those things and remove them from my path in life. Thank you Janet. I can’t wait to meet with you again!
— Laura K. - Actuary, Chicago
Receiving Reiki and Theta Healing from Janet has been an infinitely healing experience for me. I instantly felt at ease working with her, thanks to her warmth, her loving kindness, and her ability to hold impeccable space for those around her. Janet’s intuitive guidance has aided me in reaching a deeper level of awareness in my life, and her ability to tune-in to the root elements of questions and challenges allows for a gentle yet profound level of healing and growth to unfold.
— Carla Malek - Holistic Wellness Practitioner, California
I have had multiple sessions with Janet over the last 2 years. Her work is nothing less than magic. She is a clear, grounded individual who creates a safe, warm, and welcoming space for healing and transformation. If you are ready to release old programs that don’t work, and start creating real, lasting change then GO SEE JANET! I have had tremendous success in life, love, and work since working with this heart centered woman. Thank you Janet!
— Rebecca H. - Acupuncturist, California
My experience working with Janet Nicksic has been Excellent! She was the first person who introduced me to Reiki. Ever since, Reiki has become part of my life. I did the four session treatment on a weekly basis. Also, I got my first attunement to Reiki with Janet, which has awakened the Reiki within myself so I can do self-treatments and share Reiki with others. Janet is fabulous. During each session she will make sure you feel comfortable, and will regularly check in with you during the session. She is a very caring person. I have so many great things to say about Janet I can go on nonstop. Overall I want to say “Thank you” to Janet. I truly look forward to working with her and learning more from her.
— Claudia Cerna - RN Student, California