“So thankful for being introduced to this amazing group! After signing up, I received two unexpected checks in the mail, a new customer placed her first order, and I've generated more interest in my business than I have over any three day period! Grateful! Ready to receive more! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!” ----Heather

“Yesterday and today on my way to work I listened to the audio Janet Nicksic sent in preparation for the Money Reiki. Yesterday after the session, I had a Real Estate Agent send me a new contract and today I had a brand new Real Estate agent contact me and wanted my services. All because I said YES!!” ----Lili

“Notified today that some product of mine moved forward. So! Paycheck coming in tomorrow, $650! STOKED”  ----Nicole

“I got an unexpected check in the mail today! #supported.” ----Shari  "Blessed to receive a check for another unexpected $100.00!!! God is good and I am abundantly florishing! Things are always working out for me!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'm grateful" ----Shari

“Ahhh! I received a promotion at work that was effective January 1. With that promotion came a 5% pay increase as well as the move from a hourly employee to salaried management. I learned this morning that because of the hourly to salary change, my next paycheck will be for an extra week of wages!! Thank you for creating this wonderful space Janet!” ----Jennifer

“I have to share! I joined today after learning of Janet, around noon. Knowing today was going to be great I stayed positive while I went about my activities. This evening I got a notice that a major company wants to work with me who I’ve never contacted or didn’t even know existed. First day and all I can say is I was a believer before, but after the shock and awe that happened earlier I am a true believer!! Thank you Janet for the connection. I look forward to working with you!” ----Amber

"Feelings towards money worries lifted. Opportunities arising in my life. Moving in right direction!" ----Nicole

"I'm noticing more quickly when my thoughts or feelings around money are negative and I'm redirecting those thoughts right away. Feels good to breathe that out and away!" ----Chris

"I went from scared because this had been the slowest December for the books to a $309 day and I'm booked solid today as well! I have coaching clients in my chair as well and hooking them up with doTERRA and crystals and it's just been magical!" ----Corean   "And another 400.00 day at the salon and a 3,500 loan thru square! Holyish mang!" ----Corean

"I did a lot of shopping today (mostly gifts for friends/ family) and got so many unexpected discounts/ free stuff. I’ve also been seeing angel numbers ALL DAY today. And I feel so blessed to be able to buy those gifts for the great people in my life" ----Melanie

"Talk about windfall. Not really happening directly for me, but my husband got an offer on a listing that's been sitting, he's been asked to list 3 more properties, and got 2 referrals for people moving to Alaska this April. We both finally agreed to sell our truck and get rid of the cable. I guess his $ is my $ and wow things are moving! I'm so amazed!" ----Alexis

"I have been working as a consultant for a company and requested an increase in my hourly rate. They did tell me no to the rate increase however, they have given me another opportunity with a long term position and opportunities for expansion and growth. This is a great new adventure for me." ----Christy

“Thank you Janet Nicksic for this life changing money Reiki grid work! I have felt deep changes in my patterns & beliefs around money since signing up. Immediately after our first group session I received three new clients! Most important though would be how I relate to & handle money. I am coming face to face with my patterns & finally have the ability to be free of them! I now feel I have the space & tools to work with the true energy of money & appreciate it for what it is. As the tight grip of fear is dissolving my heart is opening to give & receive more. Grateful, joyful & excited to continue this transformational work!” ----Adrianna

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Money Reiki 

·   $24 monthly automatic subscription

·      Automatic monthly subscription: 
       monthly, long distance, GROUP, SACRED
theta & reiki healing

·      EVERY month: The 8th @ 8am PST,
       Wherever you are in the world

·      No call to get onto, no online chatroom to tune into. Enjoy your energy work from the comfort of your own home

·      I will facilitate DEEP cleansing around your limiting belief systems, fears, stress, & worries around money while UPDATING your thought patterns around MONEY so you receive & continue to generate sacred soul wealth for yourself doing EXACTLY what you LOVE to do in the world.

·      Clear past experiences from this lifetime, and ALL lifetimes around money, including rebooting your DNA & ancestral family lineage around the vibration of money that is restricting your own birthright to ABUNDANCE & WEALTH

·      Energetically clear all of your chakras, lines of meridians, and aura into HIGH vibe, sacred SOUL Wealth & Abundance

·      Update your life path & soul purpose so you receive, and continue to receive INFINITE sources of wealth and abundance doing exactly what you love & came here to share in contribution to our planet


·      How does this work? Energy is energy and it moves and flows wherever you are in the world, and wherever it is guided to flow.  The energy begins flowing for you as soon as you sign up!

·      Logistics of sessions:

  • You will receive a reminder email the day before each session.
  • At the start of each session, I will tune into each person who is in the group, & the potent energy will be directed your way
  • I will continue facilitating the flow of the reiki & theta energy until it is complete. 
  • Following completion, I will send you a video sharing main points we worked with each session along with tips to help you integrate the information. 
  • You can participate for as long as you feel inspired to participate. We will keep clearing deeper patterns & layers that emerge as you reach new levels in your life so you will continue to attract and grow more sustainable, purposeful wealth for yourself, family, community, & our planet as a result of being in this sacred space!