STOP believing the social media illusion.

STOP believing the social media illusion.


  • everyone else has their sh#t together but me!
  • why is it taking me so much longer than everyone else to "figure out" my life?
  • am I going to be alone for the rest of my life?
  • why is my life so much more boring than everyone elses'?
  • everyone is so much more successful than me?
  • what's wrong with me?
  • why is everyone so much happier than me?
  • will I ever have money to travel?
  • I feel like I'm constantly missing out!

Here are 3 things you can do NOW to increase your self-esteem:

1-- REMEMBER that most of social media is a story & skewed, and ALL of it is only 1 aspect of the many aspects of peoples' lives.

2-- Re-align yourself by closing your eyes, take a few deep breaths, and connect yourself with your LIFE FORCE--your BREATH.  Remind yourself  "I am Life. I am Creator."

3-- Know that you are NOT alone.  It's human nature to compare yourself to others.  Everyones' egos tries to get them to believe the same bs stories that your ego is feeding you. 


YOU are a special human, and so is your LIFE.

You are a CREATOR.

And, you can create your life to be anything you want it to be.

Appreciate what you have, and change what doesn't work.

And, turn off your news feed if it doesn't UPLIFT you.

You have FULL permission to love yourself, to love your life, and create more of what you love.

Love & Blessings Always,

You have FULL permission to say...

NO. Which is actually you saying YES...  

When you say No from a place of true inner alignment within yourself, you are actually saying YES to YOU.

Especially for women, it has been ingrained in our society that there is nobility in being a martyr, an overhelper, overgiver, overdoer, and putting others' needs before our own needs. 

This couldn't be any further from the truth.  

Nobility is integrity, honesty, and power. 

Power results when we do what is most rightfully in alignment for ourselves, and as a result when we say YES to ourselves we do so from a truthful place of authenticity.  

You can say YES outloud to the following downloads as you read them, and your highest self will strengthen these into your body, mind, & spirit:

  • I have FULL permission to say no to others

  • I have FULL permission to say YES to myself

  • I know that when I say yes to what is in the highest & best for myself, it is inevitably in the highest & best for all

  • I know how to say Yes to myself & my life every single day with confidence & power

  • I know how to say Yes to others from a place of honest alignment within my own self

  • I already know how to say no to others while saying yes to me

  • I have full support to say no to others

  • I have full support to say yes to myself EVERY day

  • When I say YES to myself, I have more to give to others and the world around me

  • The more I say Yes to myself, the more authentically I give & share with others

  • The more I say Yes to myself, the healthier & happier I am

  • The healthier & happier I am, the healthier & happier the world around me is

  • I say YES YES YES to me & what is most powerfully aligned for my highest good!

From my YES to yours,

Ever wonder WHO you really are?...


Hello Universe,


are the cosmos
the planets & constellations
the fairy dust of enchanted forests
the warmth & energy of the sun
the waves of the ocean
the power of the moon
the godly paws of our angel animals
the giggles of pure children
the creativity of brilliant artists
the intelligence of divine nature
the power that pulsates our hearts
to our ONE beating heart
& ONE intelligent mind

(wink wink)  Do you remember?

(nudge nudge)  How will you be YOU today, which will remind others who they really are?

Have FUN with it!

Lovin you infinitely,

Acceptance & Letting Go

There is always a divine order, purpose, and intelligent force streaming through our every moment, but this is not to say that our life as a human is a fair one.  Sometimes, there is taking one for the team.  There is a certain amount of grace that is called forth when we must accept that we are channeling the divine, and as a result of this divine expression, we move with the natural impulse of highest order of love.  This process may result in relationships of all kinds ending, but it does not mean it is a failure or anyone failed.  It may simply mean that this specific way that is being birthed into expression is the way that love is flowing in that moment.  I accept this.  I accept all circumstances as they are and as they unfold.  I hear the call from deep within me that moves me to express in a myriad of ways.  I align with our divinity no matter what the consequences or result of this alignment brings me; no matter what other people judge me for.  From this place, I regret nothing.  I grieve at times because sometimes the action that is called for will surely bring relationships & life experiences to a completion of their course.  There is loss.  There is sadness, but suffering is minimized when I accept this wholeheartedly and let go.  It requires me to be unattached to specific people & specific experiences remaining in my life.  It requires a dedication of being in servitude to this higher power no matter what this means for my life.  It means I will certainly experience disappointment and at times devastation, but it also means I will surely receive and experience love and power beyond measure.  I must remember that love has infinite faces.  There is love that is the happy go lucky, feel good experience.  There is love that is the down right dark and dirty truth, and I will rise with truth no matter the cost it brings in my own life.  I breathe as I accept, and then I let go. 
---Janet Nicksic

Moving beyond fear...

The first part is always awareness.  Awareness of the fear and how it's impacted your life.  Then take it as a challenge to move beyond it and do the things you want to do.  Everyone has fear, but DO things anyway otherwise you end up feeling powerless, unsatisfied, resentful, and with more fear.  Discover what is going to be your friend to assist you in moving on and beyond despite the fear.  Don't let the world have control over your experience.  You'll remember everything in the moments you die and then it'll be too late to live.  So remember these things NOW.  The world is a wide range of experiences, including it being a gorgeous, thriving, adventurous place.  Do whatever you need to do to SEE it that way.  Perceptions determine our reality.

5 quickies to alleviate depression

Depression is a MAJOR epidemic in our world today especially in our modern western society and with everything that has been happening in our world lately. 
Have you been feeling depressed?  

Here are 5 things that can help you NOW:

1---BE KIND, loving, & gentle with yourself.  Depression has the tendency to be the opposite of loving to oneself.  It can have the person believing they are worthless, not good enough, comparing to others, feeling like a failure, and have reason to feel shame.  Recognize this is the depression speaking and take steps to counteract this by speaking gentle thoughts to oneself, take a bath, get a massage, do something simple and sweet for yourself.  Any seemingly tiny gesture is a grand gesture when it comes to depression.

2---Depression feels like a dark, gloomy cloud that lingers and clouds one’s judgement and lense of the world.  Counteract this by bringing more LIGHT into your life.  Again, tiny gestures can help. Get sunshine and Vitamin D literally into your eyes and on your skin, surround yourself with jewelry and crystals that emit light and beautiful colors, look at imagery of vibrancy, look for the rainbows and prisms of light wherever you may be. If you are not feeling the light within then BRING the light to you.

3---Depression can bring about physical complacency and immobility of movement where one may not feel like doing anything and can struggle just to leave the house.  Remember that this is NOT “laziness”.  This is the depression that creates this struggle. Do whatever you can to go for even a small walk.  Leave the house if even just to go to the store or to go outside to take some deep breaths of fresh air into your body. Small physical movements and getting yourself out of the house can be a big success for someone experiencing depression.  Celebrate that and honor yourself for challenging yourself and the depression. This seemingly small gesture can bring relief to your body, mind, and spirit.

4---Remember that depression is all about secrecy, isolation, and aloneness.  It will have you believing that you are all alone and we are all going to die so what’s the point.  It can create the feeling of a dark lonely isolated world.  Recognize this and remember that CONNECTION counteracts loneliness.  Reach out if even by phone to a close loved one.  Go to the store and even make contact with the person checking out your groceries.  Look into the eyes of a stranger and say hello.  You never know how much they might need you to connect with them.  A little connection goes a long way.

5---Always remember there is help.  If you or someone you love is experiencing depression and really needs assistance, there is always a skilled professional or professional resource that can help.  Depression can run deep within someone and sometimes it just isn’t possible to pull oneself through it by oneself.  We all need help at times.  This takes strength and courage to seek it when we are in over our heads. 

3 Tips for bringing more JOY into your holiday heart space

This is a time of a year that can bring mixed emotions up for people.  It's a time for holiday "cheer" and celebrations to be shared with family and friends, and also it can be a time of dread and despair for others.  Not everyone has close friends and family to share time with, or perhaps it may be a time that brings up loss, grief, unresolved family emotions, and strained relationship dynamics. Wherever you may be, just know that you are not alone and it is completely natural to be feeling however it is that you feel.  Here are 3 tips to keep you more grounded this holiday season and hopefully allow for more joy into that precious heart of yours.

1--Spend within your means.  That's right.  Be super conscious how and where you are spending your money this holiday season.  Know that you are already enough with or without giving that gift that you might be tempted into getting because it seems like a "good idea" at the time or you think it will make that person "happy".  Remember that your presence alone can bring real joy into someone's life.  Your presence is enough so remember that.  Be conscious in giving gifts that have meaning & purpose, and that are in alignment with your financial means so you don't go into debt over it.  Know your own value.  This is the best gift you can give to others.

2--Take regular time for yourself even if it's only for a few minutes each day.  This will keep you more centered and grounded within your own heart, mind, and body.  Take time to be with yourself in a quiet place or in nature, take some deep breaths into your body, feel your body and appreciate your body for being vibrant and alive.  Since it's the end of the year, this is a good time to reflect on the year that has past.  Release what has been lived and experienced, release patterns and situations that you are still holding onto, appreciate what has been experienced and learned this year, and welcome into your heart what is to come.

3--Remember that even if you do not have close people in your life to share time with, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  We are never alone.  Even if we tried, we could never be alone.  Remember that there are beautiful, open hearted people wherever you go.  Strike up even simple conversation or say a simple "hello" to the cashier, banker, post office worker, fellow human walking on the street next to you.  A simple exchange can drastically change one's feelings of connectivity and hope. Remember that you have no idea how your simple gesture could provide hope to the other person on the other end of the exchange.  We never really know what anyone is going through internally so never underestimate what the power of a friendly smile or warm eye contact can bring to someone who just might be feeling all "alone" in their life.  

Whatever your life situation is during this holiday season, I wish your heart the deepest and warmest of joy and peace from within and into your life experiences.

Bringing the LIGHT during this political season

Have you been experiencing great challenges during this election season so far?  Just remember that you are not alone.  I have experienced much success myself by applying the 4 principles below in feeling more connected and deeply powerful, which is why I am sharing these with you today.  Let's please remember that antiquated, out-dated systems are coming up above the surface for us to come face to face with to really see if it's current to remain or current to replace.  Planet earth is all about creating more intelligent, sustainable, and workable relationships and anything outside of this are being demolished; it's only a matter of time.  This is a reminder that there is massive purpose and value in precisely what is occurring at this moment, and there are ways to remain hopeful, CONNECTED, loving, and POWERFUL.

4 ways to BRING THE LIGHT:

1--BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE.  MEDITATE.  PRAY.  EVERY DAY.  Connect to your internal SOURCE.  Allow for your SPIRIT to cleanse you from the inside out.  It makes ALL the difference in the world. NURTURE your SPIRIT.  Remember that our external world is a mere reflection of our internal world.  Change it on the inside and the outside changes as well.  

2--Take ACTION when inspired to do so.  That anger and frustration can be useful when it's un-suppressing you, and used as momentum to take action in the direction you desire to experience our world.  Remember that you are VITAL to the entirety of our WHOLE.  Every action you take makes a huge difference; even if it doesn't appear to be that way.  If you don't know how to take action in productive ways then contact like-minded political groups you support for guidance, get involved, open your eyes without letting the "shadow" experience of the world dim your light, connect in person with people you love, have FUN, help someone in need walk across the street or give them a good meal, SMILE to people on the street, say hello to your neighbor, wave to our beautiful animals and trees, BE KIND.  Get back to basics, get back to roots, get back to soul, and get back to our HEART.

3--LISTEN to others.  I mean, really listen to others speak.  It may be challenging and honestly, sometimes excruciating to listen to others talk about perspectives that differ so largely from your own value systems. These are the moments where it is even more crucial to truly listen, listen without judgment (or at least try to!), listen without "cutting off", listen without thinking about what your rebuttal will be or what you are going to say next.  JUST SIMPLY LISTEN. Get CURIOUS about the other person and where they are coming from.  What are they really saying behind their words?  What are their true values, fears, and hopes for our world? Hold calm space as much as possible (or at least neutrality).  Remember that the quality of the actual SPACE that gets created between people actually determines how much infinite possibilities are even a possibility. Don't set out to change peoples' minds.  Set the intention to LISTEN to our fellow humans without judgement.  Set the intention to create a SAFE, respectful space where people feel heard and respected to SHARE themselves.  Space that gets created in this way has the capacity to open all of our minds, awareness, and open to the TRUTH.  You just might find how limited your own way of thinking has been:)

4--EXPECT MIRACLES.  I have found that the one sure way to experience miracles is to expect them!  See miracles wherever you are. Acknowledge miracles every single day from the seemingly tiniest of miracles to the seemingly largest of miracles!  Be in the practice of noticing the LIGHT in the world and the world will bring so much more.  Some days it may be challenging to connect with this source, and this is understandable as we are all having a human experience.  As much as you can though see the TRUTH of the LIGHT that exists inside every single living thing.  Expect GRAND miracles.  

--Janet Nicksic

Dolphins LOVE to teach us!

Hello dearly beloved, as our purple glorious Prince would say.  
I've been fortunate to have been experiencing a lot of travel in the past couple years, and one of my most recent excursions was back in Hawaii on the Big Island getting to swim with our wild dolphin friends.  They sure bring deep joy, peace, laughter, and insight.  That is, highly evolved, intelligent, insight. They welcomed us to swim in their pods and to play with us along with communicating through their example how to have more "workable" relationships in our own lives.  Dolphins swim in unison with each other and have a clear, natural flow in which they swim, co-exist, and BE with each other in harmony.  In the numerous swims I have experienced with them over the years, one of the many consistent fascinating things that continues to spark me is how as speedy as they swim with so many abrupt spins and turns, and as close as they get to me and to each other, I have never witnessed them crashing into myself or each other.  They are graceful, intuitive, and respectful creatures.  Their approach with others is to glide without colliding into each other.  I really understood this message into my own life in regards to relationships and boundaries.  Having boundaries or experiencing lack of boundaries is a struggle so central for many.  Do as the dolphins do, practice seeing ourselves and our relationships with clear distinctive lines of unison swimming and flowing without the crashing into each other that unnecessarily can create so much disturbance, suffering, and general "unworkability" in our relationships and in our lives.  Eventually, with more awareness and practice, our lives become less focussed on implementing boundaries, and become more organically focused on generating more intelligent flow that feels more harmonious and loving.  This translates into experiencing more love for ourselves and love for the ones we care about.  Our relationship with our selves and our relationships with others shift in more effective ways.  If only we would all simply "do as the dolphins do."  
Much love and blessings always.

My Reiki Journey

My career started in 1997 while practicing Social Work in the San Diego and San Francisco Bay Area. For over 15 years, I helped many different kinds of people discover more power, hope and satisfaction in their lives. 

In 2007, I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and realized there were some missing pieces to the puzzle of treating the individual to optimal health and well-being. Having gone through drastic life transitions of my own, I encountered sleeping difficulties; this was the same year I discovered Reiki healing. After my first Reiki session, I immediately felt balanced and centered, and slept soundly for two solid weeks. 

This began my Reiki healing journey.

The next year, while traveling in Belize, I met a Reiki Master who mentored me for the final days of my visit. Through our meetings, she taught me what Reiki is, how to perform Reiki on myself and assisted with igniting and opening my Reiki channel more powerfully.

For the next six months upon returning to the States, I began administering Reiki on myself each day, and noticed how drastically my life transformed. I felt a noticeable increase in my internal harmony, calmness and overall mental and physical health. My relationships with others became much more harmonious and enjoyable. I developed a stronger relationship with my own internal flow, my life's purpose and deep spiritual connection. More magic, synchronicities and joy saturated my life. I also felt stronger with a more solid sense of boundaries within myself, which resulted in me feeling more grounded, happier and less drained by the stresses and challenges of life. 

In 2008, I began my formal Reiki training in Oakland with Siddeshwari at the Reiki Center of the East Bay. For years, I volunteered to treat as many people with Reiki as I could get my hands on; devoted to learning about this energy via practice and feedback. This led to me becoming certified at the Reiki Master level with Mia Runanin in 2010, at which time I immediately began teaching Reiki classes and performing attunements for students. 

The devotion continued as I embarked on my ThetaHealing® journey. ThetaHealing® was another vital piece I strived to integrate into my practice. As a ThetaHealing® Practitioner, I am trained to assist others in becoming more aware of their egos, thought patterns, core belief systems and stuck emotions that are keeping them from achieving larger goals. 

Through ThetaHealing®, one can easily release these negative patterns, while replacing them with more desirable thought patterns, belief systems and emotions.

In November 2013, I began combining Acutonics® Sound Healing into my sessions to further deepen and strengthen the energetic movements and results for people desiring for long-lasting, quick, easy and effective change.

Along with countless others who I have assisted, I personally experienced drastic results with the melding of this special Reiki-Theta-Acutonics hybrid technique. As a Reiki Master through the Dr. Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage, I am passionate about teaching 1-day Reiki classes to others to show how they too can easily and naturally tap into their own life force energy aka: positive energy in practical, simple, and satisfying ways.

Through this journey, I realized it is my highest life’s purpose to assist children and adults who are ready to allow a quick transformation of their lives. My good fortune has allowed me to work with a multitude of clients who have had instant, life-changing results through 1:1 sessions and classes.

The key to such proven powerful results is the synergy of my background as a traditional talk therapist to effectively navigate through deep-rooted emotions as they arise in sessions, combined with Reiki, ThetaHealing® and Acutonics® Sound Healing.

Please check out my Testimonials page to see what some of my clients and students are saying about their experiences!


2016 Prayer Intention

Strengthening our ROOTS. Strengthening our CENTER. Leaning back into our hearts so we feel our beating heart that allows us to remember that it is ONE beating heart we all share. ONE breath. ONE pulsation. We are all in this together. We are all the same. The “strangers” on the street are you and you are them. That server you are tipping, you are tipping yourself. The kind prayer you put out onto the earth, you are getting that prayer sent right back to you. 

Go inward, there is nothing to fear. The deeper you go inside, the deeper you get that you are never alone.  How could we ever be alone when we are each other and we are ALWAYS together. We couldn’t get rid of each other even if we tried. So love, and when you feel angry, feel it. When you feel anything, feel it. Don’t deny it. FEEL your emotions. FEEL ALL of your emotions so you can move through them while moving to a deeper, more elevated place of god perspective. FEELING is power. FEELING is loving. IT IS ALL LOVE. Even our nitty gritty gnarly shadow selves; especially our nitty gritty gnarly shadow selves. EVERYTHING is love disguised.


Here is to 2016 filled with strengthening our center and remembering we came here to love each other in the strangest, most obscure of ways sometimes. As for the person who is looking back at you in the mirror – LOVE YOURSELF & CHERISH YOURSELF. It is the greatest gift we can offer humanity.

-Janet Nicksic

Stillness Is An Action

Stillness is a VERB.

Stillness is an action.

Stillness is a state with which we connect and from stillness we engage with ourselves, each other and our world. Stillness is the internal space in which peace & clean slate exists no matter what is going on in our environment. Although it can be, I am not referring to a place in which we must be alone by ourselves in a quiet room meditating. It is a place in which we exist with ourselves and interface with each other once we have connected to our internal stillness. Try it.  Connect with the stillness of your mind and your body in which you can literally hear a pin drop.  Hearing a pin drop not from the room you are occupying onto the ground. Rather, hearing a pin drop in the stillness from the silence in your mind in which you have emptied all thoughts, all judgements, all stories of who and what you and others are. Hear the pin drop from inside of your mind. Listen INTO the silence, inside your quiet head, into your Third eye your pineal gland in the deep core of your brain. Connect with this stillness, then interact with others and enjoy what you create with our world from this space of peace.

-Janet Nicksic

Three Mantras to Restore Wellness

Hooray, Mercury is direct again! Have many of you felt that powerful shaking force lately, that took you into the past to lead you right up to the front door of your future self? Are you now ready to take graceful, INSPIRED action again in momentum forward? Give yourselves huge props for going as inward as many have gone this prior 3 week retrograde era. The fruits of our labors are well worth what we have happening right now and what is coming into our life experiences. Cycles are completing, and by cycles I am talking about ANCIENT cycles. Patterns and habits that no longer serve our greater good and our loved ones’ greater goods are becoming destroyed. It can feel like huge wrecking balls have come to collide our past into creating a clearing for that which we are ready for and ready to step right into for ourselves. An important piece in all of this is for all of our systems to be rebooted up to speed. That is, all parts of us fully being programmed to the understanding that “All old cycles that we have completed are complete.” It is vital that we get rebooted to this so we don’t continue to unconsciously operate from an old place of patterns and former roles and stories that no longer are who we came here to be originally. Some peoples’ life purposes which came into being at birth have already been completed or are about to be completed. This means we have newer, more expansive and many times more pleasurable purposes to attend to NOW. 

Here are three mantras to help remind you of what you have completed and what you are ready for next in your beautiful lives:

Grounding preparation: Feel the bottoms of your feet securely rooted with the ground while focusing on the bottom part of your body that represents a tree trunk (your first 3 lower chakras).

Repeat these three mantras upon waking, throughout the day and before you go to sleep:

1—“I am WHOLE. I have always been WHOLE and I will always be WHOLE.”  

2—“I am COMPLETE. Any and all of my purposes, relationship patterns and karma which are complete are now complete.”

3—“I am READY. I am READY for what is happening in my life NOW and for what shall be coming into my life NOW.  I am WHOLE.  I am COMPLETE.  I am READY.”

Are you feeling stuck or could you use a good tune-up? Please remember I am always here to assist you with removing the blocks, elevating yourselves and helping you to create more satisfaction, health and joy in your life.  As our cars need regular seasonal tune-ups so do we. Please contact me directly to set up an appointment or for more information on how I can assist you better.

1 day Reiki Classes are always another stellar way of rebooting and upshifting ourselves at all levels.

-Janet Nicksic


Four Ways to Boost Ourselves Over the Holidays

Folks! It’s that time of year where many people are experiencing time going like the speed of lightning and trying to fit everything into a short schedule.  It’s also that time of year where it can feel like things are at their slowest of speed when it comes to the feelings of what isolation, loneliness and dips in energy can bring. This is a time of hibernation and deep reflection. Taking time for yourself is not just important but vital to your own well-being. Even just a few tiny adjustments can put you on a more elevated or at the very least a track that feels like you are actually on path. We are always on our path, however sometimes it may feel like that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Here are four ways to change your track:

1: Walk somewhere! Even if it’s just a few minutes, Walk Walk Walk!

If you are fortunate to live just a mile or two away from work then choose to walk to work one day. If it’s too cold then just bring extra layers, hat, scarf, and gloves. If you walking to work just isn’t going to happen for you then walk to lunch instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park in the back of the parking lot to give you an opportunity to walk to the store.  MAKING YOURSELF MOBILE & GETTING YOUR HEART PUMPING IS A QUICK WAY TO REBOOT & BRING SOME FEELINGS OF SATISFACTION, HOPE, STRENGTH, & EMPOWERMENT back to yourself.

2: Drink water! It’s this time of year where our H2O intake decreases and it is more important than ever to make sure we are getting proper water intake.  In addition to dehydration having negative effects on our physical bodies it can effect our moods into feeling more lethargic, depressed, unhealthy, stagnant, lonely, & hopeless. GO DRINK A LARGE GLASS OF WATER RIGHT NOW AND NOTICE HOW MUCH MORE YOUR INSIDES FEEL MORE ALIVE. If our insides feel more lit up then so will we.

3: Reach out to a good ole friend whom you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Just hearing a long lost loved one’s voice can spark us up, remind us who we are, and remind us that magic can pop up into our lives out of seemingly nowhere. Connection is the surest way to feel less disconnected, and connecting with good friends can be instant boosts to reminding us that we are loved, valuable, and appreciated in this world. Bonus: Your friend is bound to feel the boost for him/herself too!

4: Do something nurturing and kind for yourself. Turn on your favorite music and sing or dance. Get a massage, manicure or pedicure. Take yourself out to a nice dinner or make yourself a nice dinner. Create something even if it’s small. Get yourself some flowers, go buy that really nice tea, special candle or nifty tool that you might get someone else as a gift but instead gift it to yourself. Create a special area just for yourself and intentionally place important things on it that mean something to you and help you connect to something larger than yourself or that brings you joy just seeing it. Play and laugh with children. Write down all the things you appreciate about yourself and your life, allow yourself to feel what you feel by accepting what you feel and remember that ALL feelings are fleeting and these too shall pass. Remember that words are vibrations so surround yourself with words that elevate you just by reading them such as “love” “peace” “joy” “hope” “gratitude” “connection."

I know this time of year can be joyous for many and also painful and challenging for many. Reach out to loved ones and/or professionals for extra support if you need it. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE THE UNIVERSE WILL BRING ONTO YOUR PATH WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM MOST. You must be open to this though. Wishing you all peace throughout the end of this year and into the upcoming year ahead of us. Every single one of you and us are loved, important and valuable.

–Janet Nicksic