When you arrive to a space of embracing WHOLE-NESS, the way you view yourself and the world around you shifts with increased confidence and self-esteem. When you are in this space, your life naturally shifts in the direction you truly desire.

Consultation coaching call $150
(45 minutes in duration) 

*Please note, I work with people by skype or phone  

Long Distance Group Subscriptions:
$$ Money Reiki  AND  Soulmate of Self:
no contracts/no commitments
automatic monthly subscriptions
Enjoy your energy work in the comfort of your own home without driving to an office
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1:1  Consultation Call (45 minutes)  $150:
*This consultation coaching call consists of helping you to clarify what you desire your life experience to be, identifying key factors that are keeping you feeling stuck, and discussing how you can move through obstacles and rooted core belief systems and feelings more effectively to live your HIGHEST life possible in wealth, soul purpose, self-love & intimacy, and pleasure & play. 

*In our consultation coaching call, we'll determine if it's in alignment for you to move forward into an actual 1:1 session with me or if you are ready to invest in my
4 month, intensive 1:1 mentorship program.   

*You'll receive actual psychic coaching from me from our first consultation call that'll be of HIGH benefit for you in your life whether you are a yes to being in the mentorship intensive with me or not.