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Master Level Reiki Class (1 on 1 - two hour class)*

*These classes are not ongoing - they are scheduled on a person by person basis. Please contact me directly to set up your one-day personalized Master Level class.

This level is a 1:1 class for students who have completed Reiki 1 & 2. You will receive the Master symbol and Master Attunement in this class. This is the Mother of all classes and allows for all of the Reiki attunements, symbols and practice to come together in union with the Universal power of that which we are. At this level, many people attuned will notice more Reiki coming through their body and pores by simply existing and walking into a space. The integration of the Reiki at this level can take a lifetime to unfold. This class is 2 hours in duration.

COST: $400*

*Payment Plan Option Available

Are you ready to experience the power of Reiki? 

Experience this healing modality for your Self, 

and learn to share the Infinite Healing Power within you.