Bringing the LIGHT during this political season

Have you been experiencing great challenges during this election season so far?  Just remember that you are not alone.  I have experienced much success myself by applying the 4 principles below in feeling more connected and deeply powerful, which is why I am sharing these with you today.  Let's please remember that antiquated, out-dated systems are coming up above the surface for us to come face to face with to really see if it's current to remain or current to replace.  Planet earth is all about creating more intelligent, sustainable, and workable relationships and anything outside of this are being demolished; it's only a matter of time.  This is a reminder that there is massive purpose and value in precisely what is occurring at this moment, and there are ways to remain hopeful, CONNECTED, loving, and POWERFUL.

4 ways to BRING THE LIGHT:

1--BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE, BREATHE.  MEDITATE.  PRAY.  EVERY DAY.  Connect to your internal SOURCE.  Allow for your SPIRIT to cleanse you from the inside out.  It makes ALL the difference in the world. NURTURE your SPIRIT.  Remember that our external world is a mere reflection of our internal world.  Change it on the inside and the outside changes as well.  

2--Take ACTION when inspired to do so.  That anger and frustration can be useful when it's un-suppressing you, and used as momentum to take action in the direction you desire to experience our world.  Remember that you are VITAL to the entirety of our WHOLE.  Every action you take makes a huge difference; even if it doesn't appear to be that way.  If you don't know how to take action in productive ways then contact like-minded political groups you support for guidance, get involved, open your eyes without letting the "shadow" experience of the world dim your light, connect in person with people you love, have FUN, help someone in need walk across the street or give them a good meal, SMILE to people on the street, say hello to your neighbor, wave to our beautiful animals and trees, BE KIND.  Get back to basics, get back to roots, get back to soul, and get back to our HEART.

3--LISTEN to others.  I mean, really listen to others speak.  It may be challenging and honestly, sometimes excruciating to listen to others talk about perspectives that differ so largely from your own value systems. These are the moments where it is even more crucial to truly listen, listen without judgment (or at least try to!), listen without "cutting off", listen without thinking about what your rebuttal will be or what you are going to say next.  JUST SIMPLY LISTEN. Get CURIOUS about the other person and where they are coming from.  What are they really saying behind their words?  What are their true values, fears, and hopes for our world? Hold calm space as much as possible (or at least neutrality).  Remember that the quality of the actual SPACE that gets created between people actually determines how much infinite possibilities are even a possibility. Don't set out to change peoples' minds.  Set the intention to LISTEN to our fellow humans without judgement.  Set the intention to create a SAFE, respectful space where people feel heard and respected to SHARE themselves.  Space that gets created in this way has the capacity to open all of our minds, awareness, and open to the TRUTH.  You just might find how limited your own way of thinking has been:)

4--EXPECT MIRACLES.  I have found that the one sure way to experience miracles is to expect them!  See miracles wherever you are. Acknowledge miracles every single day from the seemingly tiniest of miracles to the seemingly largest of miracles!  Be in the practice of noticing the LIGHT in the world and the world will bring so much more.  Some days it may be challenging to connect with this source, and this is understandable as we are all having a human experience.  As much as you can though see the TRUTH of the LIGHT that exists inside every single living thing.  Expect GRAND miracles.  

--Janet Nicksic