Four Ways to Boost Ourselves Over the Holidays

Folks! It’s that time of year where many people are experiencing time going like the speed of lightning and trying to fit everything into a short schedule.  It’s also that time of year where it can feel like things are at their slowest of speed when it comes to the feelings of what isolation, loneliness and dips in energy can bring. This is a time of hibernation and deep reflection. Taking time for yourself is not just important but vital to your own well-being. Even just a few tiny adjustments can put you on a more elevated or at the very least a track that feels like you are actually on path. We are always on our path, however sometimes it may feel like that is the furthest thing from the truth.

Here are four ways to change your track:

1: Walk somewhere! Even if it’s just a few minutes, Walk Walk Walk!

If you are fortunate to live just a mile or two away from work then choose to walk to work one day. If it’s too cold then just bring extra layers, hat, scarf, and gloves. If you walking to work just isn’t going to happen for you then walk to lunch instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park in the back of the parking lot to give you an opportunity to walk to the store.  MAKING YOURSELF MOBILE & GETTING YOUR HEART PUMPING IS A QUICK WAY TO REBOOT & BRING SOME FEELINGS OF SATISFACTION, HOPE, STRENGTH, & EMPOWERMENT back to yourself.

2: Drink water! It’s this time of year where our H2O intake decreases and it is more important than ever to make sure we are getting proper water intake.  In addition to dehydration having negative effects on our physical bodies it can effect our moods into feeling more lethargic, depressed, unhealthy, stagnant, lonely, & hopeless. GO DRINK A LARGE GLASS OF WATER RIGHT NOW AND NOTICE HOW MUCH MORE YOUR INSIDES FEEL MORE ALIVE. If our insides feel more lit up then so will we.

3: Reach out to a good ole friend whom you haven’t spoken to in awhile. Just hearing a long lost loved one’s voice can spark us up, remind us who we are, and remind us that magic can pop up into our lives out of seemingly nowhere. Connection is the surest way to feel less disconnected, and connecting with good friends can be instant boosts to reminding us that we are loved, valuable, and appreciated in this world. Bonus: Your friend is bound to feel the boost for him/herself too!

4: Do something nurturing and kind for yourself. Turn on your favorite music and sing or dance. Get a massage, manicure or pedicure. Take yourself out to a nice dinner or make yourself a nice dinner. Create something even if it’s small. Get yourself some flowers, go buy that really nice tea, special candle or nifty tool that you might get someone else as a gift but instead gift it to yourself. Create a special area just for yourself and intentionally place important things on it that mean something to you and help you connect to something larger than yourself or that brings you joy just seeing it. Play and laugh with children. Write down all the things you appreciate about yourself and your life, allow yourself to feel what you feel by accepting what you feel and remember that ALL feelings are fleeting and these too shall pass. Remember that words are vibrations so surround yourself with words that elevate you just by reading them such as “love” “peace” “joy” “hope” “gratitude” “connection."

I know this time of year can be joyous for many and also painful and challenging for many. Reach out to loved ones and/or professionals for extra support if you need it. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMEONE THE UNIVERSE WILL BRING ONTO YOUR PATH WHENEVER YOU NEED THEM MOST. You must be open to this though. Wishing you all peace throughout the end of this year and into the upcoming year ahead of us. Every single one of you and us are loved, important and valuable.

–Janet Nicksic