Three Mantras to Restore Wellness

Hooray, Mercury is direct again! Have many of you felt that powerful shaking force lately, that took you into the past to lead you right up to the front door of your future self? Are you now ready to take graceful, INSPIRED action again in momentum forward? Give yourselves huge props for going as inward as many have gone this prior 3 week retrograde era. The fruits of our labors are well worth what we have happening right now and what is coming into our life experiences. Cycles are completing, and by cycles I am talking about ANCIENT cycles. Patterns and habits that no longer serve our greater good and our loved ones’ greater goods are becoming destroyed. It can feel like huge wrecking balls have come to collide our past into creating a clearing for that which we are ready for and ready to step right into for ourselves. An important piece in all of this is for all of our systems to be rebooted up to speed. That is, all parts of us fully being programmed to the understanding that “All old cycles that we have completed are complete.” It is vital that we get rebooted to this so we don’t continue to unconsciously operate from an old place of patterns and former roles and stories that no longer are who we came here to be originally. Some peoples’ life purposes which came into being at birth have already been completed or are about to be completed. This means we have newer, more expansive and many times more pleasurable purposes to attend to NOW. 

Here are three mantras to help remind you of what you have completed and what you are ready for next in your beautiful lives:

Grounding preparation: Feel the bottoms of your feet securely rooted with the ground while focusing on the bottom part of your body that represents a tree trunk (your first 3 lower chakras).

Repeat these three mantras upon waking, throughout the day and before you go to sleep:

1—“I am WHOLE. I have always been WHOLE and I will always be WHOLE.”  

2—“I am COMPLETE. Any and all of my purposes, relationship patterns and karma which are complete are now complete.”

3—“I am READY. I am READY for what is happening in my life NOW and for what shall be coming into my life NOW.  I am WHOLE.  I am COMPLETE.  I am READY.”

Are you feeling stuck or could you use a good tune-up? Please remember I am always here to assist you with removing the blocks, elevating yourselves and helping you to create more satisfaction, health and joy in your life.  As our cars need regular seasonal tune-ups so do we. Please contact me directly to set up an appointment or for more information on how I can assist you better.

1 day Reiki Classes are always another stellar way of rebooting and upshifting ourselves at all levels.

-Janet Nicksic