Stillness Is An Action

Stillness is a VERB.

Stillness is an action.

Stillness is a state with which we connect and from stillness we engage with ourselves, each other and our world. Stillness is the internal space in which peace & clean slate exists no matter what is going on in our environment. Although it can be, I am not referring to a place in which we must be alone by ourselves in a quiet room meditating. It is a place in which we exist with ourselves and interface with each other once we have connected to our internal stillness. Try it.  Connect with the stillness of your mind and your body in which you can literally hear a pin drop.  Hearing a pin drop not from the room you are occupying onto the ground. Rather, hearing a pin drop in the stillness from the silence in your mind in which you have emptied all thoughts, all judgements, all stories of who and what you and others are. Hear the pin drop from inside of your mind. Listen INTO the silence, inside your quiet head, into your Third eye your pineal gland in the deep core of your brain. Connect with this stillness, then interact with others and enjoy what you create with our world from this space of peace.

-Janet Nicksic