You are indeed safe to be within, and it's your natural born birthright to know it, feel it, & Be it.

Your natural life of infinite miracles & possibilities all comes back to this belief, thought, and feeling of safety.

The more you believe, think, and feel your safety the more you are present in your body and present now.

Our trajectory as a human species is aligning with our inherent safety and Be-ing present now.

The 3D reality is all about time being experienced as linear-past, present, and future.

4D and 5D are breaking through that limitation of compartmentalizing time, space, LIFE .... relinquishing operating from the past, and surrendering into the spaciousness of now.

Here are some tips to tune you to now -- Now :

1-- Feel your feet, legs, hips, and breathe your breath into the lower part of your body. Feel your Presence within your limbs, fingertips, body.

2-- Say to yourself as you line up stronger with the belief:
I AM SAFE. My body is safe. It's safe for me to be of my body. It's safe for me to be Me.

3-- Breathe

4-- Breathe

5-- See your immediate surroundings, notice the walls, colors in the room, your hands and feet to bring you immediately into your Now present moment.

6-- Say within yourself, "I am here now. Now is now. All there is is Now." *Breathe* "I am safe to be here now. I have full permission to be my Ultimate Presence now." Breathe.

7-- I AM SAFE.

8-- Breathe.

Do this practice, uuuuh, 100 - 1000 times a day! :)

***Write these words on your mirror, make signs for you to read the words, I AM SAFE, in multiple places in your spaces. This will really shift your beliefs and you to align more into the experience of Now.

Repetition in multiple creative ways helps you to really become this belief.

Again, remember, it is your natural born birthright to feel safe, be at ease within your body, and be your Ultimate Presence now.

You have full permission to feel at ease & safe now,