3 ways to level UP this holiday season

Don't trip this holiday season...


You're on your way to your family's gatherings or you yourself are hosting this year and you're feeling triggered or dread just wishing it to be done with already?

Or perhaps you don't actually have "family" to gather with and are feeling alone or pressured?

Or maybe you're feeling joyful, appreciative, & peaceful? 

Remember there's a literal holiday collective "vortex" that automatically activates your insides... for deeper healing.

Whatever your experience, be an even stronger version of yourself this time around by plugging into the only true place you're highest self desires to be anyway, which is withYou.

Here are my top 3 ways to stay connected during this time of year:

1--Say NO.  You have the right to not be so flippin busy.  Prioritize what and who are important for you to spend time with.  Say No to those events & gift exchanges that you simply don't have a desire to be a part of.  The more you say No, the easier it'll be to heal the real experiences that trigger the bejesus from you because you'll have way more energy and connection to your self-power to do so.

2--If that familiar person is creating problems & pressures where none exist or blubbering words that're not serving anyone including themselves, and results in you feeling the impulse to get far away or be later left cleaning up the energetic messes within your own self.... then... kindly excuse yourself. 

Yes, you have FULL permission to leave the room, to leave the party, to go outside and take breaks away from whatever it is that doesn't serve your highest self.  Just as everyone has freedom to show up however they may be showing up, you too have freedom to take care of yourself and remove yourself from the situations that don't serve you. 

Even just taking breaks will result in you feeling an increase in your own power to honoryourself and your needs, and it just might be enough to turn the gathering around for yourself so you focus on interactions that do UPlift you.

3--Remember that EVERYTHING you're experiencing in your environment is a direct reflection of Yourself on the inside.  That means that you place the power back into your own Self.  You see how Uncle Seth, your boss, or your Mom are showing up isinformation for you to know an even deeper, more true part of you.

Or, if you're feeling all alone, you claim all of those parts of yourself, loving you Up and your inner child back into her Wholeness.

See all of your environment and triggers as gifts of valuable information and opportunities for deeper healing.  Use this season to heal the parts that're ready to be healed and also to release more in your life that doesn't line up with who you are becoming.

This may include releasing people who no longer align with your true self.  

Have you gotten the memo that abusive, toxic relationships and tolerance to them are no longer acceptable to the collective?  You have FULL permission to release all of them.

I'm not sayin it's always the easiest to do but it's guaranteed that you have a mega posse of Angelic support guiding you, loving you, delivering the best of the best to trigger the f#ck outta you so you can heal deeper in ways your soul is ready for.

Know that your Angelic posse doesn't judge you, they unconditionally love you, and they're always with you celebrating you.

I invite you to use this time, the final 6 weeks of 2018, to clean her up as you prepare readiness for this upcoming grand year ahead of you.

Complete all cycles that're outdated for yourself, balance your karma scales upright, and open yourself to the newest blessings and beginnings that you're ready to experience into your new year.

I'm here celebrating you for all of your victories!

The #1 essential to manifest your abundance is to...

Reeeeeeeeelax & Chiiiiiiill out.

Do whatever you need to do to relax yourself on the INSIDE.  

We're all energy, vibration, and the universe (which is us) responds to our vibration.

Get present to these 2 questions:

1---What FEELINGS will more money bring you?  

2---What THOUGHTS will you be thinking the more you're FEELING those feelings that more money brings for you?

Will you be feeling and thinking more peace & calm?

Will you be feeling and thinking more freedom, fun, & joy?

Will you be feeling and thinking more spacious within yourself?

FEEL these feelings Now.  

Align with these thoughts Now.

BE these experiences Now.

Do whatever you need to do to remain in this space. 

I'm not saying it's always easy to do BUT if you desire to experience the life of your dreams then this is what's required to experience it.  

It takes practice just like anything else!

And it does get easier just like anything that you continue to practice.

It's a muscle that needs to get worked and it WILL get stronger for you.   

REMEMBER.... The Universe is ALWAYS working on your behalf to bring you even MORE, but you must allow yourself to chiiiiiiiiiill and relax the f#ck out.  

Let the Universe do what it's designed to do, which is to romance you like no other in ALL the ways that bring you joy.

YOU are soooooooooooooooooo worth it.

Rise Now with 4 steps...

Be honest, speak up, and LOVE yourself!

Your REAL power resides within the same space where all your life's traumas, challenges, and hardships are stored.  

Rise not despite your pain.  Rise FROM your pain.

Heal ALL of the parts INSIDE of you that've ever experienced betrayal, loneliness, over dominance, & grief of any kind.   

You were born to THRIVE.  You came here to THRIVE.

4 Steps to Rising Now in this time and space:

1--Speak up, tell your truth, be seen, be heard no matter what you may fear.

2--LOVE yourself so deeply and so highly, Woman. 
BE DEVOTED TO YOU, and allow others to treat you the way you allow yourself to love you.

3--Connect into your WHY and your higher purpose on this planet. WHY are you here? What makes your life worth living? How can you be of greater contribution to our planet on the daily?

4--Get extra help from loved ones, professionals, coaches as needed.

We ALL need help and guidance to live our BEST life possible.

Your inner girl is calling for you to love her, Woman...

It's always time to love up your inner child, your inner girl.

If you feel triggered, wounded, sad, angry, rejected, abondoned, resentful, invisible, anxious, scared.... 


If you feel excited, joyful, blissful, euphoric, hopeful, motivated, inspired, loved...


Tell her ALL of the things you needed to hear and needed to feel when you were a little girl, teenager, young lady, woman.  

Slow down.

Be present with her. 

Listen to her. 

Validate her.

Let her know that you have ALL the time in the world for her & that you're with her for eternity.  You're not going anywhere this time!

The reason you may feel separate from her isn't because of what that other person/people did or didn't do or give to you, it's because ultimately you turned your heart away from her.

There's no judgement here.  You've done nothing wrong.  You've done the best you could do by protecting her (you) when others & the world around you weren't so kind to her (you).  

Thank your protective self, your ego mind, for taking care of her (you) in the best way it knew how to at the time.  

Now it's time to tell it that it's job is over.

You're a Woman.  A strong, beautiful, emotionally intelligent, capable Woman.  And it is your Woman that is running the show now.  

Show your little girl the Woman you've become, and love her devotingly & with constant loyalty.

Choose her (you) before anyone or anything else.

Choose her (you) in every single moment of every day until she gets that you are the one she's been searching for, dreaming of, waiting for her entire life to come rescue her.  

You are The One.  The one & only.  Good news at that!

Wherever she is, so are you.  You are One of the same. 

You are her solution and you are her greatest miracle of love she's been searching for her entire life.  

From my inner girl to yours,

Ever wonder WHO you really are?...


Hello Universe,


are the cosmos
the planets & constellations
the fairy dust of enchanted forests
the warmth & energy of the sun
the waves of the ocean
the power of the moon
the godly paws of our angel animals
the giggles of pure children
the creativity of brilliant artists
the intelligence of divine nature
the power that pulsates our hearts
to our ONE beating heart
& ONE intelligent mind

(wink wink)  Do you remember?

(nudge nudge)  How will you be YOU today, which will remind others who they really are?

Have FUN with it!

Lovin you infinitely,

Moving beyond fear...

The first part is always awareness.  Awareness of the fear and how it's impacted your life.  Then take it as a challenge to move beyond it and do the things you want to do.  Everyone has fear, but DO things anyway otherwise you end up feeling powerless, unsatisfied, resentful, and with more fear.  Discover what is going to be your friend to assist you in moving on and beyond despite the fear.  Don't let the world have control over your experience.  You'll remember everything in the moments you die and then it'll be too late to live.  So remember these things NOW.  The world is a wide range of experiences, including it being a gorgeous, thriving, adventurous place.  Do whatever you need to do to SEE it that way.  Perceptions determine our reality.

My Reiki Journey

My career started in 1997 while practicing Social Work in the San Diego and San Francisco Bay Area. For over 15 years, I helped many different kinds of people discover more power, hope and satisfaction in their lives. 

In 2007, I became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and realized there were some missing pieces to the puzzle of treating the individual to optimal health and well-being. Having gone through drastic life transitions of my own, I encountered sleeping difficulties; this was the same year I discovered Reiki healing. After my first Reiki session, I immediately felt balanced and centered, and slept soundly for two solid weeks. 

This began my Reiki healing journey.

The next year, while traveling in Belize, I met a Reiki Master who mentored me for the final days of my visit. Through our meetings, she taught me what Reiki is, how to perform Reiki on myself and assisted with igniting and opening my Reiki channel more powerfully.

For the next six months upon returning to the States, I began administering Reiki on myself each day, and noticed how drastically my life transformed. I felt a noticeable increase in my internal harmony, calmness and overall mental and physical health. My relationships with others became much more harmonious and enjoyable. I developed a stronger relationship with my own internal flow, my life's purpose and deep spiritual connection. More magic, synchronicities and joy saturated my life. I also felt stronger with a more solid sense of boundaries within myself, which resulted in me feeling more grounded, happier and less drained by the stresses and challenges of life. 

In 2008, I began my formal Reiki training in Oakland with Siddeshwari at the Reiki Center of the East Bay. For years, I volunteered to treat as many people with Reiki as I could get my hands on; devoted to learning about this energy via practice and feedback. This led to me becoming certified at the Reiki Master level with Mia Runanin in 2010, at which time I immediately began teaching Reiki classes and performing attunements for students. 

The devotion continued as I embarked on my ThetaHealing® journey. ThetaHealing® was another vital piece I strived to integrate into my practice. As a ThetaHealing® Practitioner, I am trained to assist others in becoming more aware of their egos, thought patterns, core belief systems and stuck emotions that are keeping them from achieving larger goals. 

Through ThetaHealing®, one can easily release these negative patterns, while replacing them with more desirable thought patterns, belief systems and emotions.

In November 2013, I began combining Acutonics® Sound Healing into my sessions to further deepen and strengthen the energetic movements and results for people desiring for long-lasting, quick, easy and effective change.

Along with countless others who I have assisted, I personally experienced drastic results with the melding of this special Reiki-Theta-Acutonics hybrid technique. As a Reiki Master through the Dr. Usui Shiki Ryoho Lineage, I am passionate about teaching 1-day Reiki classes to others to show how they too can easily and naturally tap into their own life force energy aka: positive energy in practical, simple, and satisfying ways.

Through this journey, I realized it is my highest life’s purpose to assist children and adults who are ready to allow a quick transformation of their lives. My good fortune has allowed me to work with a multitude of clients who have had instant, life-changing results through 1:1 sessions and classes.

The key to such proven powerful results is the synergy of my background as a traditional talk therapist to effectively navigate through deep-rooted emotions as they arise in sessions, combined with Reiki, ThetaHealing® and Acutonics® Sound Healing.

Please check out my Testimonials page to see what some of my clients and students are saying about their experiences!


2016 Prayer Intention

Strengthening our ROOTS. Strengthening our CENTER. Leaning back into our hearts so we feel our beating heart that allows us to remember that it is ONE beating heart we all share. ONE breath. ONE pulsation. We are all in this together. We are all the same. The “strangers” on the street are you and you are them. That server you are tipping, you are tipping yourself. The kind prayer you put out onto the earth, you are getting that prayer sent right back to you. 

Go inward, there is nothing to fear. The deeper you go inside, the deeper you get that you are never alone.  How could we ever be alone when we are each other and we are ALWAYS together. We couldn’t get rid of each other even if we tried. So love, and when you feel angry, feel it. When you feel anything, feel it. Don’t deny it. FEEL your emotions. FEEL ALL of your emotions so you can move through them while moving to a deeper, more elevated place of god perspective. FEELING is power. FEELING is loving. IT IS ALL LOVE. Even our nitty gritty gnarly shadow selves; especially our nitty gritty gnarly shadow selves. EVERYTHING is love disguised.


Here is to 2016 filled with strengthening our center and remembering we came here to love each other in the strangest, most obscure of ways sometimes. As for the person who is looking back at you in the mirror – LOVE YOURSELF & CHERISH YOURSELF. It is the greatest gift we can offer humanity.

-Janet Nicksic