Your inner girl is calling for you to love her, Woman...

It's always time to love up your inner child, your inner girl.

If you feel triggered, wounded, sad, angry, rejected, abondoned, resentful, invisible, anxious, scared.... 


If you feel excited, joyful, blissful, euphoric, hopeful, motivated, inspired, loved...


Tell her ALL of the things you needed to hear and needed to feel when you were a little girl, teenager, young lady, woman.  

Slow down.

Be present with her. 

Listen to her. 

Validate her.

Let her know that you have ALL the time in the world for her & that you're with her for eternity.  You're not going anywhere this time!

The reason you may feel separate from her isn't because of what that other person/people did or didn't do or give to you, it's because ultimately you turned your heart away from her.

There's no judgement here.  You've done nothing wrong.  You've done the best you could do by protecting her (you) when others & the world around you weren't so kind to her (you).  

Thank your protective self, your ego mind, for taking care of her (you) in the best way it knew how to at the time.  

Now it's time to tell it that it's job is over.

You're a Woman.  A strong, beautiful, emotionally intelligent, capable Woman.  And it is your Woman that is running the show now.  

Show your little girl the Woman you've become, and love her devotingly & with constant loyalty.

Choose her (you) before anyone or anything else.

Choose her (you) in every single moment of every day until she gets that you are the one she's been searching for, dreaming of, waiting for her entire life to come rescue her.  

You are The One.  The one & only.  Good news at that!

Wherever she is, so are you.  You are One of the same. 

You are her solution and you are her greatest miracle of love she's been searching for her entire life.  

From my inner girl to yours,